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Long time, no talk June 29, 2009

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So i have been such a slacker and haven’t written on this blog in FOREVER!!! Ariyana is talking all the time now, and you can actually understand a lot of what she is saying now. Her favorite thing right now is big trucks. She just loves the 18 wheelers and everytime she sees them she yells “Daddy or Mommy” and then we say what and she says big truck. She can actually say phrases now, not just one word at a time.

On Sunday, we bought her one of those little blue pools and put it on the front porch so she would not be in the sun since it was 95 degrees outside. Zach and I were out there in shorts and tank tops, we looked like the biggest red neck family swimming on the front porch but it was so fun…..Ariyana had a blast. We had her bath toys out there and everything.

She has used the bathroom in her potty twice. We are not actively trying to potty train her but we are trying to get her used to the idea so that when she is ready, it won’t be foreign to her.

Red neck baby!

Red neck baby!


Now I am mad March 13, 2009

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So Ariyana’s doctor’s office finally called back and left a message saying they wanted to discuss her test results. I called back and the nurse informed me that they didn’t run the CMP test, the sileac test and one other test I can’t remember because they didn’t have enough blood. Now I don’t know about you but to me that sounds kind of fishy… do you not have enough blood. They gave us a sheet to take to the lab with all the tests they want run. They took 2 vials of blood…..they couldn’t run any of the tests with 2 vials. The only thing they ran is the test on her iron, which they said she is slightly anemic. They told me that on Tuesday, so we went and got iron drops to help. Then while I was on the phone with them, they told me they were going to change her iron medicine….I was like I just bought this one, why are you changing it??? The nurse said she wasn’t sure but she doesn’t think it has to do with any of the blood work….I don’t get it. I just think they are hiding something from us…..I mean did they not store the blood right, did it not get tested right???? I am not sure but it was not just “we didn’t have enough blood.” They would have been able to run at least one of the test…..right?? Anyway, they said that they will give her a break and we will wait 2 weeks and then do the blood work. She has to go back on March 23rd to check her chest and weight and they will give us the papers then to do the blood work. They said they are sending us to Longstreet instead of Labcorp this time because they do more blood work for kids than Labcorp.

I just want to go on record and say I am mad and upset about all this…..I don’t want to put my baby through this torture again……..Everything we did last week was a waste of time and just torture to Ariyana. We have to re-do the urine sample and the blood work, the only thing they found out was that she was slightly anemic and they can find that out from pricking her finger at the doc’s office. I get so upset when she sits there and cries while they poke and prod her, it just breaks my heart and they are going to do it all over again 😦

And to make matters worse, I called and left a message for the doctor to call me because this is not sitting well with me and I want to talk to her about it because the nurse didn’t know everything. I NEVER god a call back. Then i picked up Ariyana, took her home to stay with Zach and went back to Gainesville to the pharmacy to talk to the pharmacist. The nurse said they were calling in a new prescription because they wanted to change the dosage and medicine. I told them I just bought the other medicine could I not just change the amount I give her. She said I might be able to but I need to ask the pharmacist. So I go down there to ask and the pharmacist says, we don’t have a prescription here for Ariyana……………I was SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! They are driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to get their act together, before I yell at them.


Finally Got the Blood March 6, 2009

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We took Ariyana to Labcorp to have them try to draw blood again this morning. THe lady remembered her and said oh no not again. She said she was going to try Ariyana’s finger and she actually got 2 vials of blood out of it, so that was awesome. She cried but she really handled it pretty well.

After we dropped Ariyana off at school, we went by and dropped off her other urine sample. Fifteen minutes later, the nurse called and said the lab tech said it wasn’t enough urine and that we would have to come back by to get another bag put on. I said okay and hung up. Then I decided to call back to see if the next bag could be left on overnight because the other bag had been left on from the time we picked her up from school and they put it on until she went to bed. She doesn’t drink a lot at home. Then the nurse said well the first urine sample had some blood when we checked it in the office, so they thought we might have put the bag on wrong. Then she said this second sample (the one we brought today) had stuff growing in it but they had put the bag on themselves so they were going to send it off to see if they could use it. They are pretty sure that she has a UTI and are testing it to make sure. Hopefully we won’t have to go back for another sample. The nurse said a doctor will probably call me to tell me for sure and let me know which antibiotics Ariyana needed to take.

Other than that, Ariyana had a pretty good day. When I got to school to pick her up she ran to me and screamed HEYYYYYY……then i told her to say bye bye to her teachers and she screamed BYYYYYE BYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! It was so cute.


FRUSTRATION March 5, 2009

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Yesterday morning, Zach got Ariyana up to take her to Labcorp to get blood work done. When he went in there, she had thrown up yet again……….it is horrible. Luckily it didn’t smell nearly as bad as usual so we just had to wash her hair once and she was ready to go.

We had called Labcorp the day before to see what time they opened and where they were located. Of course, now a days, you can’t talk to people, so it was a recording that said the address and that they were open 7:30 to 5:00. We got up early so Zach could get down there at 7:30 and do the blood work and then run over to the pediatricians so they could put a bag on Ariyana to get a urine sample. He got down there with her at 7:30 and they said that they don’t start doing the blood work til 8:00 but since they were the only ones there they would see Ariyana early. They looked at her arm and couldn’t find a vein that would work to draw blood. So they decided to try the heel, so they poked her heel and they couldn’t get enough. They had to fill 3 small vials and couldn’t even fill one. The lady told Zach that she couldn’t find any veins to draw blood from so we were going to have to take her to the hospital because they are more equipped to handle that. Zach had to go to work so he couldn’t take her right then. He did, however, take her over to the pediatricians to get a bag put on. Instead they gave him a bag and a swab thing and showed him how to put it on so we could do it at home. That was really good because otherwise we would have had to see if the daycare could take it off and I doubt they could or would have done it. Then he took her to school.

When we got home, we put the bag on her and she cried the whole time we were doing it. I made her a pancake for dinner because she loves them and she actually ate a whole pancake 🙂 Then right before bed, we took the bag off and there was literally like 10 drops of pee in there. I was worried that it would not be enough but we decided we were going to take it in the morning to them anyway.

We got up early this morning so we could run her urine sample by the doctors on our way to work. We ran it in there and they said that it was not clear enough so we would have to get another one. She asked if we could stop by later in the day (she was already at school). We told them that we couldn’t get back there til like 5:30 (they close at 5). The nurse said she would still be there at 5:30 so to just come by and she would put the bag on. She said the doctor didn’t like us putting it on ourselves because they have procedures for doing it.

Our plan today was to run by the pediatrician after work, get the bag put on and then run over to the hospital to have the blood work done (we called and it said they were open 24 hours and just come anytime). Well at like 11am today we realized that we had left the paperwork for the blood work at home so I called the pediatrician’s office to find out if they could give me another copy when I came to get the bag put on her. When I called them, they said well we can just fax it over to labcorp and they will have it. I informed them that we went to labcorp yesterday to have the blood work done and they said they couldn’t do it. The nurse sounded shocked and said well i wouldn’t go to the hospital to have it done because your insurance won’t cover it. They will cover it though if you go to labcorp. I asked her what I should do because they said they couldn’t do it, she said she would go over there and tell them they need to try again. She said if that didn’t work, I might be able to go to The Longstreet Clinic and see if they might be able to do it………….we have never been there. I am so FRUSTRATED right now, this was not suppose to be this hard.

I took Ariyana after school to get the bag put on. We got there at 5:20 and the door was locked. I knocked for like 2 minutes, then I tried calling them. The emergency service answered and I told them that I needed to get in because they told me I could. They told me that they aren’t in the same building and couldn’t help me. I banged on the door for like another 5 minutes and EVENTUALLY a nurse came to the door and asked me what I needed. I explained and she let me in. I was so mad when I walked in though because the receptionist was sitting at the desk RIGHT NEAR the door, I know she heard me banging on it and didn’t even move. They put the bag on and she cried so hard that she turned blue 😦 i was worried she was going to pass out. It doesn’t really hurt to put them on but they spread her legs so far apart that it might have hurt, her knees were both touching the table, that is how far they spread her legs.

When we got home tonight, we took the bag off and there was a little bit of pee in there, so hopefully it is enough. Zach is taking her to hopefully get blood work and I am going to drop the urine sample off at the doctors in the morning. I pray that everything works out tomorrow and they can get the blood and the sample is a good sample and enough. Also she FINALLY ate all her dinner tonight, that is a first in like a week so we were super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will update you guys tomorrow about how it goes, keep your fingers crossed. XXX


Monday Madness March 3, 2009

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I got up a little early this morning so I could get ready and have time to give Ariyana her breathing treatment before school……….well that didn’t really go as planned. I went in there this morning to get her and sure enough I walk in the room and it just smells of throw up. I thought to myself “Man not again.” It was all in her hair, you could see green beans tangled in there and it was all sticking out like it had gel in it……it was NOT a pretty sight. I put her in the bath washed her hair, still smelled it so I washed it again. I got her out and started getting her ready for school and Zach came up and said “She still really stinks, we are going to have to give her a bath again.” (guess i was just used to the smell at that point) So I stripped her down again and put her back in the tub. I washed her hair again with her shampoo and then I got our shampoo and washed her hair with ours. Then we got her dressed again and ready for school. We didn’t get to do the breathing treatment because we were running really late so they did it at school. I told her teacher that her tummy had been bothering her so let her eat what she wanted but not to push her to eat anything. She did fine at school today and no throwing up……….YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She didn’t eat her dinner though 😦 She is in bed now and so far no throw up tonight either. Hopefully we won’t go in there tomorrow morning to throw up.

I called her doc this morning and told them about the bag for the urine sample coming off and to find out where we needed to go for the lab work. They said that you just go in for the lab work and that if we swung by their office tomorrow morning, one of the nurses could just put another bag on her and hopefully we could get the sample they need. Cross your fingers, hopefully it will work and go well tomorrow.


Weekend Fun or Something like that March 2, 2009

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So Saturday morning, Ariyana was so exhausted from Friday night that she slept til 9:30. When she got up, we did a breathing treatment with her and then fed her breakfast. I had to leave to take our car to the shop and Zach stayed home with her to wait for the guy to fix our washer. She ate her breakfast and lunch fine, but she didn’t want dinner at all, she only ate a few bites of it. We put her to bed and she went to sleep pretty fast.

Sunday morning, we didn’t hear anything from her til 10:30 and when I heard her, I went in to get her and the whole room just smelled like throw up, it was disgusting. It was hidden under her comforter and it was all in her hair. We immediately gave her a bath and washed her hair twice and you could still smell it. We tried to get it out the best we could but the smell was still there some. Then we fed her breakfast and she had 1 1/2 pancakes and ate well. Then I ran to the grocery store because I wanted to go before the snow came (just in case we got it). I got back around 3:30 and it was snowing and Ariyana still hadn’t had lunch so we gave her a bowl of cheerios. She ate only like 1/4 of them and didn’t want anymore. Then for dinner she only ate like 5 green beans, she wouldn’t eat anything else. We tried to get her to drink apple juice or milk but she would only take a few sips. Then she went to bed.


The Longest Doctor’s Visit Ever

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Ariyana had a doctor’s visit today at 1:45 to check her weight and make sure she is gaining enough. Well she is terrified to go to the doctor’s office because she was traumatized last time when they did those tests on her, so she was already getting nervous when we pulled into the parking lot. We get in there to weigh her and I lay down on the table to take her clothes off and she just starts crying. Then the nurse comes in and we placed her on the scale and she was just crying and reaching for me and zach. We tried to calm her down but she didn’t want to be up there and she was not going to stop crying til she was off. The first time they weighed her she weighed 19lbs 5ozs which is only 2 ozs more than when she was weighed 6 weeks ago. They were not happy with that so they weighed her again and the second time she weighed 19lbs 8ozs which was a little better but still not what they wanted. Then they made us go across the hall to another room to weigh her just to make sure the scale was ready accurately. The whole time all this is going on she is just crying and crying. Well when we weighed her the last time in the other room, she threw up because she had worked herself up so much and was so upset. It was really sad.

After the weighing fiasco was over, the next one was the listening to her heart and chest. The doctor came in and listened to her heart and chest forever, it was literally like 10 minutes and we had to try to keep Ariyana still and quiet for that long……….and those of you who know Ariyana know that is really hard to do. And Ariyana is not a big fan of the stethescope, she kept trying to push it off of her. Well while the doctor was listening, she said she heard some popping or crackling sounds on one side of Ariyana’s back. And since we said Ariyana coughs every once in a while and she coughed in the doctor’s office (and the doctor said it sounded kind of rough) they made Ariyana do a breathing treatment. And of course, Ariyana HATED that, she cried the whole 5 minutes we were doing it and kept turning her head away from it. And to make matters worse, while we were doing the treatment, they came in to prick her finger to run some blood test. After the breathing treatment, the doctor came back in to check her chest again and she still heard popping noises so she wanted x-rays done to see if it was pneumonia. They also checked her for RSV and she didn’t have it. They told us that we have to take the nebulizer home with us and do the breathing treatments every 4-6 hours for the first 4 days and then do it less and less over the next 5 days. We have the machine for 6 months just in case is what they said. Also during all this, they decided they wanted a urine sample so they put a bag on her to try to get it….well she didn’t go the whole time we were there so we had to get it when we got home and bring it back.

So this is like 5pm by this point and we head over to the imaging center to get the x-rays. We had them done with her screaming the whole time and left there at like 5:30. I had to go back to work and get my things because I wasn’t planning on being gone the rest of the day. Then we had to go to First Baptist Church to get a barbeque dinner that we had purchased tickets for. Ariyana and I went without Zach because he had to work late and on the way over there, she just started throwing up all over herself. I had to pull over in a neighborhood and clean her off and the carseat too. We cleaned that all up, got our dinner, went and got Zach and headed home.

We also have to go to Labcorp to have blood work done to check and make sure she has no other issues going on with her metabolism or thyroid, and some other things. We are doing that this week.

When we got home, we went to take the bag off for the urine sample and it had come off of her so there was no urine left in it. So we have to call the doctor and see what we need to do. Then we gave her some bread and barbeque and she was eating her bread and just started throwing up again, everything she had just eaten, she threw up. It was so sad, she didn’t feel well at all. She was so exhausted by this point, she just went to bed. She also had slept all the way home from picking Zach up. It was a very long day for her.